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Residential Internet Service Provider

Residential Internet Service Provider in Kano State

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Megamore Wireless Broadband meets the Residentials’ rising demand for high-bandwidth, data-intensive services with guaranteed Quality of Services (QoS).


Delivering High-speed internet service to the home no longer needs to be limited, with MegaMore Wireless Broadband Residential Solution “Go Broadband”, Unlimited, high-speed, and reliable internet connectivity is provided in Kano city, nearby towns, and Rural areas .

MegaMore Wireless Broadband delivers Various Residential Internet Services Plans designed and priced with you and your usage in mind. Whether you are a Browser, Streamer, Gamer or require Internet Connectivity that meets all former requirements, our robust network was designed to deliver speeds up-to 30mbps.

No matter what your needs, we have a solution for you, and that includes scalable connectivity to meet peaks and troughs in demand.

Residential Internet Service Provider with Speeds up to 30MbPS

Residential Internet Service Provider with Speeds up to 30MbPS

Residential Internet Service Provider with speeds up to 30MbPS

Manged High-Speed Internet Service Provider

Manged High-Speed Internet Service Provider

As an Internet Service Provider, Our Internet services are designed to deliver constant high-speed connectivity backed up by service level agreements and support from dedicated team that’s just as committed to achieving success for your business as you are. Users and locations can be connected with our managed internet services.
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We design Managed Internet Solutions which operate through a combination of our own microwave wireless infrastructure and our Telco-resilient fibre connectivity. We deliver site-to-site & site to multiple site solutions which enable your business to get the most out of its Internet connectivity, ensuring a solid, justified investment.
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