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Internet Service Provider
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Internet Service Provider ISP/IAP

Bandwidth Aggregation

Residential Internet Connectivity

Optimized Performance

Stay in Control from Anywhere

Customized Innovation

Security & Surveillance Systems

Secured Parameters

Now you can enjoy Reliable & Dedicated High-Speed Internet

Connect your Business & House with ultra Fast speeds you never thought possible Before!

Get your internet today

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Bandwidth Aggregator

MegaMore uses Bandwidth aggregation for Real-time communication, to provide multilayered High-Speed Internet at any location.

Managed Services Provider

As Managed Service Providers, we deliver a defined set of services that work seamlessly together. Our MPLS core network provide a high degree of service performance & assurance.

System Integrator

Wide range of flexible services to suit System Integrator connectivity and co-location needs. This, partnered with our experience of applying these services to common business challenges ensures we deliver best value.

A fully blown high-def

An ultra-fast, low latency Internet service with one-hop access to the Internet that enables Extreme Internet Access users to easily flex their bandwidth up and down.

What’s more, our MPLS core network provides no fewer than three network paths for each customer’s internet connection, providing a high degree of service assurance.

Dedicated & Shared Hosting Servers

Email, website, SAAP & Personal Cloud Hosting servers with cutting edge technology & high performance, powered by MegaMore wireless Broadband, your preferred Internet Service Provider

CPanel Hosting

Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle Hosting

email Hosting

Dedicated servers & personal Cloud

Watch your favorite SHOWS when you want & without any limits

As a Fast growing Internet Service Provider, Reliable Internet Connectivity at Affordable rates is our commitment to increase balanced growth and customer satisfaction. Our Internet Service is optimized for Live streaming

wifi internet

What’s new for

Dedicated & Symmetric Internet Service

Unlimited Internet Connectivity

Seamless for Voice & Video apps

MPLS Connectivity

Kano Internet

What’s new for
SME mode?

Symmetric or asymmetric Internet Service

Reduced Prices but High Performance

Multi Branch Connectivity MPLS

24/ Dedicated support

High-speed Internet

Streamer Internet Service

Streaming Optimized Internet Service

Unlimited & Highspeed Internet Service

Dedicated IP



Gamers Delight Internet

High Link Performance

Play in 4k quality with zero contention

Unlimited Internet service

Dedicated IP

Control your
Smart Home remotely with your
personal devices

Customized SmartHome Solutions using latest iOT technologies, customized software to reduce the use of multiple applications, powered with MegaMore Internet Service Provider.

Ready for 4k HDR gaming?
Any type of console, any type of gamer; it’s easy with MegaMore Internet Service

As an Internet Service provider, we provide innovative servers for Gamers to continue enjoying their online games in 4k Quality