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About us

MegaMore Wireless Broadband Limited : About Us

MegaMore Wireless broadband is Internet Service Provider (ISP), Managed Service Provider (MSP), System Integrator (SI) , Bandwidth Aggregator & Security Solutions Provider.

We provide Internet Service Connectivity & Managed Connectivity right through to desktop support, Security & Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems, Internet As A Platform IAAP, Platform As A Service PAAS, IoT Systems, SMART Home Solutions, Cloud Services & Software Development.

We Design & build, pro-actively monitor, support and maintain Clients entire infrastructure, internet connectivity, wide area network and security systems; we supply, support and maintain firewalls, network switches, servers, and desktops. All of this under one managed service contract with one single supplier, something they can’t get from any other Internet Service Provider or Managed Service Provider in Nigeria.


Our Progress

MegaMore Wireless Broadband  was born in 2019 & over few months of opertion has grown to be one of the best Internet Service Providers & network integrators in Kano state.

We are providing Business Internet Connectivity & managed services to commercial customers in Kano state and Abuja. MegaMore have been growing as a result of the outstanding levels of Reliable Connectivity, customer service and the personal approach we provide to each and every one of our clients.