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High Speed Residential Internet

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High Speed Residential Internet

Why having access to a high-capacity will benefit your home and business

When we first launched our expansion program back in 2019, we aimed at providing easy access, redundant, and high-speed internet connectivity services across Kano and Abuja.

That’s why we initially invested in network expansion that is currently serving a large number of businesses and residences with a total capacity of 350mbps.

But as the need for dedicated business connectivity grew, and residential high-speed so did the requirement for much higher capacities at even greater reach.

Fast-forward 1 year, we’ve not only continued to invest in our network reach, but we’ve also ensured that we can offer capacities of up to 1Gbps. in Kano State. With plans tailored to suit your needs and Budget-friendly.

To apply for please click the link here , fill and submit the form. We will assess your request promptly.

Residential Speeds up to 100 MbPS

For the first time, you can enjoy internet Speed up to 80 & 100 Mbps with 50% Guarantee on total subscription badwidth

We continue to serve you and provide customer support 24/7 through our hotline 07065525271.

Your  preferred Internet Service Provider

MegaMore Wireless Broadband Limited

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